Sunday, May 22, 2011

Teenage Dream

"Let's go all the way tonight
No regrets, just love
We can dance until we die
You and I
We'll be young forever

You make me
Feel like
I'm living a Teenage Dream
The way you turn me on
I can't sleep
Let's runaway
And don't ever look back
Don't ever look back..."

That's funny, i like that song before, but after this night I just can't stop listening to it.
Have you ever thought "What shall I do in this kind of situation" ? It's like planing the future, because you always think about and it ends up happening.
I say it that way, I don't know where all my self-esteem ran away, and I really dont know how to find it, because I miss it alot, miss it very much, and it's not like someone reading that crap and can help me looking after it xP
Anyways, I was saying about last night, its was so great. We celebrated this holiday called 'Lag Baomer'. I won't start with the history of it and all that crap, though I will say its a night everyone sets bonfires and barbecues and ofcourse a good deal of alcohol, yeah crazy night indeed. I spent it great, I just wish I wouldnt feel bad about any god damn step im doing, I have nerves, im just too afraid to show it around people that I don't trust, because in that case i do not trust myself either.
Let's say, I just hope, that all the small comments I keep in a little dark room in my heart wont blow in someone's face one day.
Peace and alot of <3love<3 dear bloggers.

"You and I, will be young forever.." <3

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sometimes the things we can't change, end up changing us.

So what? I'm still living here in this world. Looking in the eyes to every person I know, or I think I know, and hoping that tomorrow will be better, and I believe it will.
By now, I'm still in my disguise.

Monday, July 26, 2010


Sometimes forgetting makes you better

Sometimes, it just doesn't matter

That night we've been together close

That night, it always gets me lost

I should've listen to my mom, when I was little

Sorry mummy, that only now I've remembered to whistle

It's just, that stupid bitch helped me to understand

That I always needed you instead

And yes, I hate this world and everything around it

I hate it when I need them; I hate the fact I love them.

I need to take a break, of all these thoughts; I'll be right back,

just when I'll finish with the shots.

No, I don’t blame you, I ADORE you, yes

You got highest mark of being a bitchin slut,

So maybe I thought I had friends, maybe

All I know I'm thoughtless now